STIJN VAN DORPE (°1970, B) lives and works in Ghent,

BAS SCHEVERS (°1977, NL) lives and works in Brussels,


By formatting different methods of cooperation Stijn Van Dorpe infiltrates in political, pedagogical and urban contexts, often places where the word ‘art’ rarely resonates. Within these contexts Stijn Van Dorpe researches art as a specific place with its own perspective and possibilities. Dissensus as a particular type of conflict, new forms of visibility, ways of organizing and bringing people together are some of the distinctive elements that define his work. Simultaneously his interventions and related experiences lie at the base of experimental approaches towards documentation, which lead to various forms of documents (films, installations, performances, lectures and publications). The artistic practice of Bas Schevers questions the position of the artist. Through interventions, embedded in everyday reality, Bas Schevers create situations that bring him, as well as his audience, in confronting, often uncomfortable, circumstances. In his works Bas Schevers treats shame and failure as phenomena that are not always that controllable.

For The Living Room XL Stijn Van Dorpe and Bas Schevers decided to collaborate by giving a concert, based on the email conversations of Stijn Van Dorpe in the framework of a previous project in Rotterdam. These emails dealt with social issues in the Tarwewijk in Rotterdam. The often controversial and agitating content was brought in a frivolous and playful manner. 

07:30 pm 
STIJN VAN DORPE & BAS SCHEVERS — The Short Cut Healing Sessions 

Saturday 2 Sept. 2017


The Living Room XL was a group exhibition in the form of a happening. Sixteen artists were invited to create new work, culminating in fourteen unique 30-minute interventions questioning city life, the border between public and private space and the influences of global politics. The Living Room XL is part of AIR Traces: the experimental archive of AIR Antwerpen’s activities.