10:00 pm 
RAZEN (concert)

RAZEN (°2010, B) live and work in Brussels, www.kraak.net/index.php/ label/artist/razen


Kim Delcour: schawm, bagpipe, bass flute, reed; Brecht Ameel: santur, monochord, hummel; Pieter Lenaerts: sarangi, 5 string double bass; Paul Garriau: hurdy gurdy


Razen improvises live avant-drones and deep listening experiences. These originated from the desire to play music in an ingenuous way, with old instruments, purely based on sounds. Razen is continuously searching for tone colour shocks and a primitive, hybrid sound alchemy. Influences from Renaissance, Baroque and Medieval music mixed with the world of field recordings and 20th century composers such as Xenakis and Messiaen. Razen focuses on live improvisation, therefore a thorough knowledge of the context in which they perform is ultimately necessary and makes every concert unique.

Saturday 2 Sept. 2017


The Living Room XL was a group exhibition in the form of a happening. Sixteen artists were invited to create new work, culminating in fourteen unique 30-minute interventions questioning city life, the border between public and private space and the influences of global politics. The Living Room XL is part of AIR Traces: the experimental archive of AIR Antwerpen’s activities.