KOBA DE MEUTTER (°1992, B) lives and works in Brussels, www.kobademeutter.com


Koba De Meutter’s installations question functionality. She combines architectural elements, found material and sculptures in directed actions and accidental happenings, often in public space. Koba De Meutter makes the status of the object as sculpture or tool ambiguous and obliges the visitor in a shifting position of viewer, passerby or user. Photographs document all these temporary interventions. The connections in her works are both a link and a barricade and merge light with heavy; public with private; the intimate with the anonymous. What is possible? What is real? What do you give away and what do you keep?

For The Living Room XL Koba De Meutter created a 5m long temporary seesaw out of wood and metal. Two performers installed the seesaw on the edge between the garden (semi-private space) and the pavement (public). During half an hour, the seesaw was used to balance between this inner - and outer space, inviting the audience to take place on the seesaw too. 

03:15 pm 
— Wip

Saturday 2 Sept. 2017


The Living Room XL was a group exhibition in the form of a happening. Sixteen artists were invited to create new work, culminating in fourteen unique 30-minute interventions questioning city life, the border between public and private space and the influences of global politics. The Living Room XL is part of AIR Traces: the experimental archive of AIR Antwerpen’s activities.