JURGEN OTS (°1978, B)lives and works in Brussels, www.galleriazero.it/en/node/374

Jurgen Ots works primarily with videos and installations. Central in his art works are the choices of material and the traces of destruction, corrosion and his own manipulations. Earlier art works consisted of linoleum and faded projection screens showing color shifts: traces of a history of projected images. Recently Jurgen Ots combines projection screens from China with a tissue, found in Ostend, corroded by natural phenomena. His works are the result of a painstakingly patient production. In this process Jurgen Ots disposes the original features of the material and converts them in a new unity, thus becoming the size of architectural elements, relating to the space.

In The Living Room XL Jurgen Ots installed his newest construction in the garden. A glowing spotlight enlightens the art piece. After half an hour the piece returns to the darkness.

09:00 pm 

Saturday 2 Sept. 2017


The Living Room XL was a group exhibition in the form of a happening. Sixteen artists were invited to create new work, culminating in fourteen unique 30-minute interventions questioning city life, the border between public and private space and the influences of global politics. The Living Room XL is part of AIR Traces: the experimental archive of AIR Antwerpen’s activities.