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Can I listen to the radio over here?

AMBER VANLUFFELEN (°1991, B) lives and works in Antwerp, www.airantwerpen.be/en/residents/stijn-van-dorpe

Public space is simultaneously a source of inspiration and the context where the interventions of Amber Vanluffelen take place. Through the use of mimesis Amber Vanluffelen appropriates and presents phenomena she encounters in public space. In order to do so she uses diverse art forms such as installations, photos, video and performance. She documents her actions through video, but sometimes they just happen, in front of an accidental audience, without any documentation at all.

As part of her performance at the Living Room XL Amber Vanluffelen danced vogue in front of a huge mirror, not only mirroring herself, but also the audience that was watching her. The sounds were mixed live in a studio of the independent radio station Radio Centraal and then transmitted to the garden. The mix existed not only out of music but also out of a voice recording explaining the history of the vogue dance style and sometimes even grew silent. The size of the mirror resembled the mirroring effect of windows Amber Vanluffelen looked for in the lobbies of apartment blocks, in order to train her dance moves. 

Saturday 2 Sept. 2017


The Living Room XL was a group exhibition in the form of a happening. Sixteen artists were invited to create new work, culminating in fourteen unique 30-minute interventions questioning city life, the border between public and private space and the influences of global politics. The Living Room XL is part of AIR Traces: the experimental archive of AIR Antwerpen’s activities.